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Mark Frary

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Mark Frary is an award-winning writer on travel, technology and science. He writes regularly for The Times, Sunday Times, Buying Business Travel and other publications.


Mark advises the Business Travel Show and Travel Technology Europe on their conference programmes and is director of editorial content for the Business Travel iQ community.


Mark has authored nine books including technology crystal-ball gazing title Futureproof and How to Get a Sofa Around a Corner. He also puts on an annual volunteer-run music festival in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, where he lives with his wife and three children.

Legal Panel

Charles Parry


Charles is a practising barrister in Pump Court Chambers, specialising in regulatory and compliance law with their associated legal facets. He is a nominated counsel for the Attorney General and the CPS, having regularly conducted cases in the higher courts, including the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.


He represented the defendant whose appeal redefined the words in health and safety of the employer's defence of ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’, an essential statutory clause maintaining balance in the changing and developing world of compliance law

Personal Risk 1 - Recognising Bias in TRM?

Sam Roper

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Sam Roper

Sam is a regional security manager at Google and is developing their in-house global travel security program. She has always loved travelling and exploring new places; especially within Africa and the Middle East.


She has worked as a regional security operations manager for a global risk consultancy business and has visited 60+ countries, often as a solo traveller. Sam has a BA in French & Hispanic Studies from the University of Nottingham and an MA in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London.

David Jovic

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Travel Security Manager


Beyond serving as a business enabler and providing necessary reassurance to our employees when they are on an international assignment, a travel risk programme is a reflection of a company’s identity and philosophy. Our  belief that the circumstances of each employee must be taken into consideration is paramount to our sustainability strategy and this overarching objective has seeped into our travel risk programme.

Jase Keen

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Group Manager EMEA/APJ Regional Security


Enable not constrain.  The whole point of a travel security program is to enable travel in a safe and secure manner; not constrain in.  Travellers must be aware of the threats and subsequent risks, how they can be mitigated and what the cost of those measures are. The aim being to get travellers where they need to be to enable business and get them home safely. A good business trip is one you go home from.

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Personal Risk 2 - Implementing a Programme

Jeremy Wilkes

Elizabeth Lewis

Jeremy has held Blue Chip Change/Programme Director roles within the travel, utility & consumer sectors, building on an earlier military career. At British Airways he led regional customer service development in East Africa and, back in London Head office, drove the digital re-launch of the global loyalty programme.


Supporting staff to perform at their very best, through close collaboration and cultural integration, is central to his philosophy. Jeremy has mentored in a number of informal LGBT/diversity groups and main hobby is leisure travel with his boyfriend.

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Anne Hudson MBA, FCII, DMS

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Emma Lamb

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Medical Risk

Dr Nic Hillier


Dr Anthony Renshaw

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Ady Firth

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Dr Sophie Harwood

Modern Risks and Technology


Grant Cambridge


David Herd

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Vice President, Operational and Travel Security

Deutsche Bank

Based in London but with a global remit, Elizabeth is responsible for the development and standardisation of all travel risk management support delivered across the bank. Having recently completed a gap analysis of the banks travel risk management programme, she is now part-way through the implementation of a range of improved services aimed at meeting the needs of today’s traveller and their more diverse risk profiles.


With 12 years’ experience within the security risk industry she has worked and travelled extensively across Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Risk Insurance Manager

Northumbria University

Anne joined Northumbria University at Newcastle in January 2014 to lead the insurance function and provide risk management advice across the University.On joining the HE sector Anne has networked to identify best practice relating to travel and operating overseas.


At Northumbria Anne has applied her commercial background and recent knowledge of HEIs to create a new model for University Mobility for staff and students. This model brings together legal, insurance and health & safety advice at the time of booking travel, together with practical information to help students.

Global Travel Safety Coordinator

Milestone Tech @ Facebook

Emma's role is to look at all areas of Travel Risk and best practice.  The Highlight of her time at Milestone Tech @ Facebook has been helping to establish the e-learning and in-person training sessions which are important as knowledge is power and the more that employees are engaged and empowered the more prepared a traveller can be while they are travelling,


Our mission is to educate and support employees before, during and after their travel journeys, We want travel to be safe, productive and stress-free.

Nic studied medicine at Cambridge University and University College London. He is an experienced doctor, with emergency and critical care training, including aeromedical retrieval with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia.


Nic's passion is the great outdoors, in particular remote wilderness. He has combined his interests in providing medical support to expeditions in Central America (Belize) and Indonesia. He is Medical Director and Lead GP at The Walcote Practice in Winchester.

Medical Director, Medical Services, Northern Europe

International SOS

Emerging health threats are changing the landscape of travel.  Timely information is crucial. Technology is a huge enabler but misinformation is rife.  Proactive duty of care for business travel is now an expectation: employees expect to be told if they’re being placed at risk; they expect instantaneous communication if things go wrong. Lastly, the best travel programmes understand that travel itself represents an inherent health risk. Today’s most agile companies combine a robust approach to medical response with targeted health prevention. Identifying cardiac risk factors in a traveller may not be front of mind, but it may ultimately be your best investment.

Vice President - Corporate Security & Business Resilience


We place the security of our staff and travellers as an utmost priority - no two trips are the same! Our recent focus has been twofold: Executive sponsorship and awareness/education. Our GC now sees people risk at the core of what we do.  He introduces a new awareness video and we have put in place mandatory training for all higher risk travel.


Our latest finding was discovering in our established markets, employees placing themselves at risk by not following our processes or notifying us when conducting localised travel.

Sophie specialises in travel risk mitigation strategies for women travellers. She is passionate about other cultures and has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, India, China, France, the UK and the USA. She has worked as a security risk analyst for a Fortune 100 investment bank and as a training manager for a travel security consultancy.


She has a doctorate from the School of History at the University of Leeds (where her work focused on women and warfare) and she is currently an independent researcher based in Berlin, Germany.

Deputy Global Security Leader (Deputy CSO), Risk Management


Group Security Manager


Our technical system currently joins travellers and local employees on a geo-map plotted site and traveller database that in real time we can make contact with local employees and travellers alike and account for all employees.


In high risk environment we can track travellers via geo-location on GSM coordinates and in the technical solution travel to high risk countries needs approval on the system and this is fully auditable to ensure a duty of care .

Nathan Monshin


Director International Risk

SI Risk

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